Unique thread construct  provide gas-tightness

Torque shoulder provides accurate power tight make up


■Thread sealing, provides excellent gas-tight sealing by using unconventional sealing system

■Easy running

■Excellent galling resistance

■Easy repair


Threaded Connection
The designed thread is with a taper of 1:16 and a lead of 4 TPI, enables high connection strength, fast and easy running, which also minimizes thread galling and avoids the trapping of compound inside the threads.

Seal System
Special thread seal provides excellent gas-tight seal-ability as Metal-to-Metal seal.  The seal system is on certain threads with long contact surface. The seal intensity can be increased with applied internal pressure or external pressure. The seal integrity remains constant after repeated make-ups and break-outs. Optimized thread geometry minimizes the risk of galling.

Torque Shoulder
The torque shoulder provides accurate power-tight make-up. The large shoulder dimension enables the connection to withstand high torque.

Internal Profile
The streamlined internal profile minimizes turbulence and energy loss due to high-velocity gas flows.

Coupling Design
Joint efficiency is more than 100% and coupling critical section is greater than pipe body section. Because the coupling covers the vanishing threads therefore the connection tensile efficiency is maximized.

Lower Stress Design
The lower stress design makes the connections reliable in corrosive conditions.