Materials basic research


Gleeble3500 Thermal Simulation Testing System

Gleeble3500, aset of large-scale computer-based intelligent controlled precision test equipments, is used to study the mechanism of metal materials heat changing and physical metallurgy. It can be widely applied into the test of mechanical properties and physical performance, thermal processing of dynamic simulation and other metallurgical research. Through thermal imitation test, we can develop new materials and improve metallurgical process, and then apply the results to the on-site production.

 Scanning Electron Microscope EVO 50

Scanning electron microscope EVO 50, which is the latest model of scanning electron microscope, is made in Zeiss Company in Germany. It can fast and accurately analyze the materials defects resulting from the manufacturing process as well as inefficiency in the process of application.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

TEM is used for observation, analysis and research on all kinds of super-fine structure materials. It even can observe dozens of the atomics, which is a powerful means for the development of high-end products .

X-Ray Diffractometer

X-ray diffractometer, ranking in the word top at present, is a researching instrument with the super-high power. It is mainly used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of material phase, including metal and non-metal material.

Origin Position Metal Analyzer

Used for quantitative analysis of the iron and steel samples, element segregation analysis, inclusion analysis and porosity analysis.

Profile Projector

The profile projector is used for contactless measurements of spare parts. according to the chosen objective lens.The image projected on the 550mm screen is magnified from 10x to 100x. Mostly used for thread measurement of premium connections.