Specific Line for subsea

To fully satisfy stringent technical requirements for manufacturing of subsea line pipe, such as DNVGL-ST-F101, API, ISO specifications,EPC specifications and client project specifications, TPCO has built several production lines focusing on subsea and offshore line pipes, which provide higher technical and productional capabilities than for normal onshore products.


Higher hydraulic test pressure:

max. 200 MPa (for pipe O.D. of 273.1mm or below)

More accurate pipe end I.D. tolerance:

min. +/- 0.6mm (depending on pipe sizes)

Low press die stamping on bevel:

For pipe O.D. ranging from 114.3mm to 323.90mm

Inner surface stenciling:

For pipe O.D. ranging from 219.1mm to 323.90mm

Subsea line pipes:

O.D. : 60 ~ 711mm

W.T. : 4.0 ~ 50mm