Full-scale test platform for premium connection


Horizontal Complex Load Test Machine

Complex load test machine is a kand facility to simulating downhole conditions in lab,total 4 machines of different range, which can simulate service situation of pipe string in different stratum and work condition. It can complete all test items recommended by ISO 13679. Max tension load: 3000t, max compression load: 1800t, max bending degree of dogleg simulating 45°/30m, max testing temperature: 400 .


Make-up and Break-out Testing Machine

The test system simulates force condition and damage condition of connection thread on casing and tubing during their Make-up and break-out at wellhead. This system is a set of hydraulic power tong with automatic controlling and data acquisition .The make-up/break-out test can be carried out by this facility in different rotating speed.

Complex load full-scale testing facility is the key equipment to develop high performance OCTG and premium connection. By simulating various complex service conditions, the property of pipe material, strength and seal performance of premium connection is experimented.Premium connection is the high-end products representing the top level of OCTG.Its production technology and R & D level reflects enterprise’s comprehensive strength. With advanced and full research and development testing tools, TPCO has developed 4 series of premium connections.