TPCO Subsea Seamless Linepipe Used in the Largest Domestic High Temperature and Pressure Offshore Gas Field

PUBLISHED ON 25/02/2021

Recently, it was learnt from CNOOC that the largest domestic high temperature and pressure offshore gas field, named “Dongfang 13-2”, has been successfully put into production. The Subsea Seamless Linepipe used is high grade X65QO which was independently developed by TPCO and was layed from the central platform to the auxiliary platform in the gas field area. The total supply quantity is nearly 1,000 tons.    

The Dongfang 13-2 gas field is located in the South China Sea, 120 kilometers to the west of Dongfang City, Hainan Province. The basin’s burial depth is below 3,000 meters and is one of the largest three offshore high temperature and pressure areas in the world. To explore and develop oil and gas here is a world-class challenging job. The gas field is expected to produce over 3 billion cubic meters of gas at the peak annually.

In order to better understand customer's requirements, TPCO’s marketing personnel and technical experts visited the gas field and communicated with project team for so many times before bidding for this project. 

The various performance indicators of TPCO’s supplied subsea linepipe product meet customer's requirements. The quality of products and services has been fully affirmed by customer.