Statement Against Counterfeits

PUBLISHED ON 13/02/2019

Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO), as a leading supplier of seamless pipe in China, always places product quality as the first priority. We believe that using products that are counterfeit and have fake stenciling on the pipe body may cause lots of trouble and accidents. This can even endanger human lives due to the questionable quality of the product. Therefore we seriously recommend you NOT to use a counterfeit product that might be in the market and sold by distributors.

Tianjin Pipe International Economic & Trading Corporation (TPCO Int’l), as the wholly owned subsidiary of TPCO, is exclusively responsible for the international sales and marketing of the seamless pipe products that are manufactured by TPCO. Our overseas subsidiaries, representative offices, authorized local agents and business partners are the reliable channels for distribution of TPCO’s seamless pipe products. We take full responsibility for the quality and authenticity of our products which Customers purchase through the proper channels mentioned above. For the purpose of protecting your best interest, we strongly recommend all of our distinguished Customers (and those potential Customers) to purchase TPCO’s products through the correct channels. In the event of suspicious or questionable materials present, it is our obligation to assist you to verify the authenticity of TPCO’s products by providing the corresponding MTCs for our reference. If it is more convenient, please contact the nearest TPCO overseas office to you or send an email to our headquarters in Tianjin to

Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.