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Tianjin Tianhai High Pressure Container Co., Ltd Accomplished Audit by KGS.

In the past few days, Korea Gas Safety Association (KGS) conducted product certification audit to Tianjin Tianhai High Pressure Container Co., Ltd. KGS audit team decided that the quality system of Tianhai runed well, the execution of product process and the implementation of inspection and test complied with the pressure vessel manufacturing standard.

This audit was product certificate renewal approval every three years. KGS team carried out sampling inspection from three aspects: specification and standard, manufacturing and testing equipment and quality system. Besides paying attention to the quality manual, KGS team also approved control plans and product records, internal audits and management reviews. 

Inspection and testing were also the key items of this audit, involving NDT, performance testing, hydraulic testing and finished product testing. After 3 days' careful examination, Tianhai passed this product certificate renewal approval smoothly.

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Release Date:2018-06-28