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TPCO Won Its First Offshore Line Pipe Order for S. America, a Historical Record

The long time bottom lingering oil price has been continuously pushing demand for steel pipes to shrink, leaving a more and more cruel competition among the pipe mills and suppliers. TPCO work with full efforts on every precious bid opportunity to defend its existing market and at the same time to tap into the traditionally protected markets. In a recent bid for Argentina-Chile border offshore pipe line project, TPCO finally defeated the strong competition including a  world''''s No. 1 pipe manufacturer located in the region and was awarded the order for supplying  3200 metric tons DNV450D offshore line pipes, which is TPCO’s very first offshore line pipe business in South America. In order to ensure smooth implementation of the order, each department of the mill made professional efforts to ensure the delivery, strict quality control, and optimizing the production procedure. This historic sale is of great significance to TPCO to gradually open the other closed markets and help the mill survive over the harsh winter environment, probably long.

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Release Date:2016-06-24