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168mm PQF UNIT Staff Optimizing Design of Retained Linings Consequently Reducing Tool Cost.

With full technical appraisal and production practice, 168mm PQF UNIT staff optimized the structure of retained linings, thus reducing the cost resulted from preparing and changing tools frequently during production and improving the efficiency.

The stopper device of 168 PQF UNIT has special retained linings for fixed mandrel. Because there are many specifications of mandrels using in production, 168 UNIT had to use two types of retained linings to match the different mandrels. And excessive frequency of changing linings brought up the waste of time and the increase in cost of linings bolts. Aiming at above problems, 168 PQF UNIT staff improved design of retained linings, unified the two linings into one structure, and carried out production practice test. Through more than two months of tracking, the newly designed linings have meted the production needs, thus can avoid changing linings frequently and save 4 hour of production time per month. It is estimated that the cost of lining and bolt will be decreased by RMB 70,000 per year.

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Release Date:2017-09-28